A positive attitude

To create a project of this dimension, the “Dénivelé Positif” (Positive elevation) association was created by Diego Pazos and Cédric Agassis whom are big passionates of « Ultra » efforts and mountains. Their very positive approach, mixes a bit of craziness with, a lot of creativity and a pinch of « Rock’n Roll » and, of course, the seriousness that will transform this adventure into a great success.

Diego “Zpeedy“ is full of passion and creativity. Voted Swiss Ultra Trail Runner of the year in 2015 and nominated as one of the three finalists of the « Mérite sportif vaudois » (Vaud sports merit) award 2016, he’s among the best in the world in his discipline. Always accompanied by his bowtie, he always has a thought for others during his efforts.There is no doubt that this event will be at his image, full of sharing, emotions and fun. Follow his adventures on www.diegopazos.ch or on his facebook page « Diego Pazos “Zpeedy“ »

Cédric above all is rich in experience and contacts. He is the President of the organisational committee of the Humani’trail since 2012 (www.humanitrail.com) and has more than 20 years of experience in project management. Besides that, he’s a huge admirer of Nepal and he has found in Trail Running a sport where his personal values can be fully expressed.

Naturarly, more than a simple duo is needed to organize the ambitious project of the « Montreux Festival Trail », so an executive committee has been established. It currently includes the following 7 members:

Maya Pazos

Animation Manager, the quiet strength and feminine trail touch.

Diego Pazos

Victor Hugo Do Carmo

a.k.a “Victorinox”: Runners Manager, helpful to perfection, the Swiss Army knife of the team, always the right tool when necessary.

Yaël Bruigom

Marketing Manager, a little sweetness in this cruel world.

Patrick Siegenthaler

Logistics Manager, the handyman with availability and efficiency at all times. The swiss Rolex !

Cédric Agassis

Sébastien Hartmann

Responsible catering, hospitality, entrepreneur and creative, his ideas energize the group.
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