164km and 11’999 m D+

An exceptional start for an exceptional race: The fantastic Chillon Castle. It is a beautiful example of a medieval landmark from where this first edition of the race will start. A race that honours the mountains and limits to a strict minimum the flat and road sections and all that keeps the runner away from the mountains and the nature. It will start with a first climb of … 1600 m of positive elevation towards that will set the tone for the rest of the race. After crossing the Pays d'Enhaut and the Diablerets regions, it will be time to take the "Col des Pauvres" uphill with it’s gorgeous views on the Muveran range. Followed by a magnificent way back through Villars-sur-Ollon and Leysin before finishing with the majestic gorges of Chauderon after a descent … of 1,600 meters!

MAGICAL, right? Well it is EXCEPTIONAL! The decision is yours!


Withdrawal of bib numbers
On Thursday 27/07 from 3 pm to 21 pm and Friday morning 28/07 from 4.30 am to 5.15 am at Market Square in Montreux
Friday 28/07 at 06h00 from Chillon castle Dashboard MXtrem
Refreshment stations
Jaman, Crau-Dessous, La Lécherette, Lac Lioson, Col du Pillon, Alpage de la Croix, Solalex, Pont-de-Nant, Euzanne, Gryon, Villars, La Forclaz, Leysin, La Berneuse, Col de Chaude Etivaz aop, Haut de Caux
Maximum Time

Solalex: after 20 hours (2 am on saturday 29th of July 2017)
Gryon: after 33 hours (3 pm on saturday 29th of July 2017)
Leysin: after 41 hours (11 pm on saturday 29th of July 2017)
Montreux: after 58 hours (4 pm on sunday 30th of July 2017)

Mandatory equipment

A functional headlamp with an extra set of replacement batteries, a survival blanket (2.2 x 1.4 m), a whistle, a waterproof jacket (10’000 mm / h), an adhesive elastic band (strapping), a cell phone functional in Switzerland, a reserve of water (min. 1 l.), food reserve, a head protection (a cap or Buff or bandana), a long-sleeved T-shirt (Armsleeves allowed), long running tights (or a combination of leggings and calf sleeves are accepted), gloves, cup (1.5 dl)

Recommended equipment
sunglasses, solar cream
Spares bags
2 points organised for collection, Solalex and Leysin
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Extreme, it is the challenge of a season or even of a lifetime! Challenge yourself! (ITRA, 6 points)
Launching price: 120 CHF, from December 1st 2016: 150 CHF. From the 3rd of July 2017: 165 CHF
Shuttle buses will be organised on Friday morning from Montreux to the starting area in Chillon.
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