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Here are the latest race route changes. These changes were already included in the Roadbook
The characteristics of the races* are:

Voici les caractéristiques des courses*:

#Mxtrem160: Distance : 162km, D+ : 11’530m, D- : 11’520m
#Villars60: Distance : 60km, D+ : 3’740m, D- : 4’600m
#Leysin30: Distance : 34km, D+ : 2’050m, D- : 2’920m
#Freddie’s Night15: Distance : 14km, D+ : 980m, D- : 980m
#Positive1000: Distance : 5km, D+ : 1073m

#Familiale: Distance : 2km + 34km, D+ : 2’100m, D- : 2’950m

For geological reasons (causing the Rochers-de-Naye stairs to fall) and for your security on the one hand and to follow the recommendations of the nature protection organization on the other, we had to adapt somewhat the routes while maintaining the beauty, the technicality and the diversity that made the charms of the races.
The slight changes are beautiful and we look forward to offering you a memorable and amazing experience. These modifications have been validated by the ITRA and have been updated on the website and on the “Trace de Trail” map.
For any questions, the committee team is of course at your disposal.

*These values are based on the measurements of “Trace de Trail” and depending on the means (software) used these measures can slightly vary.

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