MXtreme - Relay 2

160km and 12’000 m D+

Experience the MXTREM adventure in a unique new duo/relay format of teams of 2 !
In addition to the classic solo MXTREM where each runner completes the entire race in solo, a new duo/relay format will be featured this year! Each runner of the duo team will obtain 5 UTMB points!
The 1st runner will start the race from Chillon medieval castle to Chaux Alps, where he will join the 2nd runner and they will run together as a duo from Chaux Alps to Gryon through the Muveran massif. This common section will allow to create a real team spirit and effort between the two runners, the 2nd runner acting as a « pacer » for the 1st. In Gryon, the 1st runner finishs his race and the 2nd runner will complete the adventure on his own from Gryon to Montreux.
An extraordinary adventure as a team! Beware intense emotions garantied

Relay 1

8000m. D+

Chillon - Chaux Alps - Gryon
Points ITRA/UTMB : 5

Relay 2

6700m. D+

Chaux Alps - Gryon - Montreux
Points ITRA/UTMB : 5


Withdrawal of bib numbers

On Thursday 26/07 from 5 pm to 8 pm and Friday morning 27/07 from 4.30 am to 5.15 am at Market Square in Montreux

Warning: mandatory equipment will be controlled with ID card


Friday 27/07 at 06h00 from Chillon castle, Veytaux (2km from Montreux)

Refreshment stations

Sonchaux, Preise au Maidzo, La Lécherette, Lac Lioson, Col du Pillon, Alpage de la Croix, Solalex, Pont-de-Nant, Euzanne, Gryon, La Forclaz, Leysin, La Berneuse, Joux-Verte, Col de Chaude, Haut de Caux

Maximum Time
  • Lioson: after 10 hours (4 pm on Friday July 27th)
  • Solalex: after 20 hours (2 am on Saturday July 28th)
  • Gryon: after 32 hours (2 pm on on Saturday July 28th)
  • Leysin: after 41 hours (10 pm on on Saturday July 28th)
  • Montreux: after 57 hours (3 pm on Sunday July 29th)
Mandatory equipment

A functional headlamp with an extra set of replacement batteries, a survival blanket (2.2 x 1.4 m), a whistle, a waterproof jacket (10’000 mm / h), an adhesive elastic band (strapping), a cell phone functional in Switzerland, a reserve of water (min. 1 l.), food reserve, a head protection (a cap or Buff or bandana), a long-sleeved T-shirt (Armsleeves allowed), long running tights (or a combination of leggings and calf sleeves are accepted), gloves, cup (1.5 dl)

Recommended equipment

sunglasses, solar cream

Spares bags
On top of the 2 drop bags going to the life base in Solalex and Leysin, each participant will be able drop off others personal belongings at the Start in Chillon on Friday morning. All bags are then returned to Montreux.

The organizer declines all responsibility in case of loss or steal of any valuable item or cash


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Very hard, shared experience, Challenge yourself and your friends in the wild and beautiful Muveran  massif ! (ITRA, 5 points for each runner)


Launching price: 190 CHF until 15/12/2017
215 CHF until 01/07/2018
250 CHF until 26/07/2018


Shuttle buses will be organised from Thursday 4 pm to 7.30 pm between Villeneuve (free parking) to Montreux (bibs) and then on Friday morning (27/07/2018) from Villeneuve to Montreux and Chillon (start). In the afternoon another shuttle will be available for the relay point at Chaux Alps.


Free parking in Villeneuve is recommanded (5km from Montreux and 1.5km from A1 Highway Exit).

Location : Route de la Tronchenaz.

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