The Races


55 km - 4200 m+ (3 ITRA points)


30 km - 2100 m+ (2 ITRA points)

Freddie's Night

15 km - 950 m+

Queen's Night

6 km - 300 m+


Kid: 800m + 1 km, Parent: 30 km - 2100 m+ (2 points ITRA)


2 km


160 km - 13'000 M+ (Not available in 2019)

Like many other events, including the largest ones, the Montreux Trail Festival is affeccted by the Fête des Vignerons, and its massive impact on the region in 2019. Despite all our efforts, we had regretfully decided to cancel for 2019 the MXTREME and MXTREME RELAY 2 races. The MXALPS and the MXSKY/MXFAMILY races have been redesigned to offer you even more breathtaking sceneries, overseeing Lake Geneva, while concentrating the starting and arrival places in Montreux. The grouped arrivals will further reinforce the festive atmosphere. No doubt, WE WILL ROCK YOU!

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