Queen's Night

6km, 350 m D+

Freddie's Night little sister. A festive and unique experience, to be enjoyed between friends, or in family. Come and have fun in a truly extraordinary setting! Bring your disguise, your moustaches, and Freddie and his band will be waiting for you for a crazy night which will end late, on the shores of the lake, or in the bars...


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*Route subject to change

Withdrawal of bib numbers

Friday July 26th, from 5pm until 9pm and Saturday from July 27th, from 4pm à 9pm (Place du Marché, Montreux)


Saturday July 27th, at 9.30pm

Refreshment stations


Maximum Time

We do not want to set any limit: the call for fun would be too strong!

Mandatory equipment

Headlamp with replacement batteries, a cellphone that can call from Switzerland, 0.5 l water reserve.

Recommended equipment

Survival blanket (2.20 x 1.40 m), waterproof jacket.


★ Only fun. An opportunity to discover night trail running, open to all! Bring your neighbors, your colleagues, and even those friends who have a hard time moving out of their armchair! We will have fun!


Launching price: 30 CHF until December 9, 2018.

35 CHF until July 24th 2019.

45 CHF for on site registration, as long as their are still bibs available.


Most underground parkings in Montreux propose a reduced fee from 7pm onward. There are also, a few hundred meters away from the Place du Marché, some parking spots free of charge overnight.

For those who can, take the option of car-sharing or public transportation. That is the Trail Runner Way!

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