The festival

The 4th edition of the Montreux Trail Festival has still the same objective: to make you experience an extraordinary challenge. With the return of its ultra-trail, there is no doubt that our slogan "Tour des Alpes Vaudoises" is more relevant than ever.

In an atmosphere of sports, music and culinary delights, whether you are a runner or a spectator, treat yourself to a trip in the atmosphere of Queen and his most legendary member Freddie Mercury in the charming Montreux and its Riviera.

"A kind of Magic": mountains as far as the eyes can see , the largest lake in Europe, innovative race formats, a subtle mix of race profiles that are accessible to all as well as experimented, elite runners, and above all, music and a festive mood…

The MXTREME is back for the pleasure of our ultra-trailers with a brand new route never laid out before. A departure from Bex at dawn, a breathtaking view of the Muverans, a timeless paranthesis with the tour of the Miroir d'Argentine from Pont-de-Nant to Solalex via the Anzeindaz mountain pasture, a  wonderful landscape in Chamossaire, an encounter with the two towers of Mayen and Aï which stand majestically as guardians of the Vaud Alps, then the iconic Rochers de Naye and Dent de Jaman which will be the last ramparts before your crossing of the Gorges du Chauderon and your arrival on the shores of Montreux. How about a swim in Lake Léman for a nice refreshment?

The MXALPS and MXSKY will allow you to discover the Cape au Moine and all ridges of the Vaud Riviera through breathtaking sceneries. Places that will leave you speechless by their beauty and their mix of panoramas. A succulent combination of challenge, self-transcendence and discovery.

The Freddie's Night will reveal the secrets of the Gorges du Chauderon at night in the beam of your headlight, transformed for the occasion into a real natural nightclub! Between rock, delirium and discovery, put yourself in Freddie's shoes... and let yourself be transported to the end of the night! Open to all, from beginners to hardcore partygoers.

The Montreux Trail Festival will also share its passion with families with a special children's race (MXKIDS). And if you want to live a unique experience by joining your forces, the MXFAMILY will allow your beloved children to take a ride on the Montreux shores before giving the relay to a parent who will start the MXSKY. The last kilometre back in Montreux will be done hand in hand with your child for an emotional line crossing. A beautiful event that no one would want to miss.

So be ready for this 4th edition! We will rock you! 

Trail Village

In summer, on the Montreux market square and on the banks of lake Geneva, you are given the chance to present your products, your ideas or talents to thousands of people, trail runners, supporters, walkers or tourists!

Do not miss this opportunity!

So if you are a recognized or emerging brand in the trail running or sports nutrition industry or that you develop sports related technologies, or simply that you are a local artisan with original ideas… and want to be an exhibitor in our trail show! Contact us immediately! Hurry up, places are limited…

We will rock you

To create a project of this dimension, the “Dénivelé Positif” (Positive elevation) association was created by Diego Pazos and Cédric Agassis, two big fanatics of « Ultra » efforts and mountains. Their very positive mindset mixes a bit of craziness with a lot of creativity and a pinch of « Rock’n Roll » attitude, and, of course, the thoroughness that makes this adventure a resounding success.

Diego “Zpeedy“ is full of passion and creativity. Voted Swiss Ultra Trail Runner of the year in 2015 and nominated as one of the three finalists of the « Mérite sportif vaudois » (Vaud sports merit) award 2016, he’s among the best in the world in his discipline. Always accompanied by his bowtie, he always has a thought for others during his efforts.There is no doubt that this event will be at his image, full of sharing, emotions and fun. Follow his adventures on or on his facebook page « Diego Pazos “Zpeedy“ »

Cédric above all is rich in experience and contacts. He is the President of the organisational committee of the Humani’trail since 2012 ( and has more than 20 years of experience in project management. Besides that, he’s a huge admirer of Nepal and he has found in Trail Running a sport where his personal values can be fully expressed.

Naturally, more than two friends are needed to organize the ambitious project of the « Montreux Festival Trail », so a 6 person strong executive committee has been put in place, supported by a 30 people strong operational team, and some 250 volunteers.

The region

After the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Montreux Riviera has lived a small revolution in July 2017 with the birth of the Montreux Trail Festival. A festive, original and one of a kind event. The shores of Lake Geneva, the largest in Western Europe, bordered by the vineyard terraces of Lavaux, classified by UNESCO and one of the most scenic views in Switzerland. The magnificent Chateau de Chillon provides runners a unique atmosphere and a breathtaking landscape. From the 19th century, the region was a pioneer in mountain tourism, so it is natural that two centuries later, it finally hosts a major trail running event. Once away from the banks of the Lake, the Vaud Alps will be on the runners menu, with Leysin, Villars and the Valley Ormonts as a main course, and the highest alpine peaks in plain sight.

At a  culinary level, let’s not forget to mention the famous Etivaz cheese manufactured in wood fire heated cauldrons. The regional park Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut that is crossed by the race, also has a cheese as one of its emblems which might be possible to discover at some aid stations, so do not feed yourself only on gels and keep some taste buds for the cheese flavors.

The Vaud Alps are also famous for its many rack railways that reach the various stations that are crossed by the race; but if you prefer the air ways, you can go to the Pays-d’Enhaut, specifically Château d’Oex, world capital of the hot air balloon.

A race crossing 4 regions in a subtle combination of luxury and authenticity that allows you to discover unique sites.

1 Montreux-Riviera

Under the close watch of Freddie Mercury, the Chateau de Chillon, the Dent de Jaman, The Rochers-de-Naye and … the charm of Montreux, all look over one of the most beautiful lake in the world!

2 Pays-d'Enhaut

Authenticity in its purest states, real swiss made!

3 Leysin

It’s the oxygen of the Alpes at the foot of the Tour d’Aï, the Tour de Mayen and the Tour de Famelon, unique!

4 Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets-Bex

A majestic glacier, legends of lake monsters and the protected nature of two Muverans, pure mountain! A unifying project in line with the “Alpes Vaudoises 2020” initiative.

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